Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Salt Lake Film Festival

Our bestest friends, Birthquake have their hands full this year. Besides, playing tons of shows and recording a full length, they have organized the first ever Salt Lake Film Festival. It will be held from August 14th-16th. There are many feature and short films being played.

Check them out here:


One of the films is called, Best Worst Movie and is about the film Troll 2. It was filmed here in Utah in the 80's and is considered by many, the worst movie ever made. Anywho, the film is amazing. If you get a chance to make it to any of the films, I suggest that you do. Check out the trailer:

Another movie that you should check out is called, White on Rice. It is staring our friend Dave Christensen. Dave also directed a short film called True Love. It will be featured in the festival as well. I was lucky enough to be able to score the film.

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