Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Oh, also, new tour dates. Check em.

5.08.09 Salt Lake City Ut, Slug Localized! Urban lounge
5.09.09 Pocatello ID, Bengal Cafe
5.10.09 Missoula MT, Palace Lounge
5.11.09 Spokane WA, Empyrean Coffee House
5.12.09 Seattle WA, Comet Tavern
5.13.09 Olympia WA, Abe Kapp’s Museum
5.14.09 Portland OR, The Know
5.16.09 Chico CA, Cafe Flo
5.17.09 San Fran CA, Hotel Utah
5.18.09 Fresno CA, Zapps Park
5.19.09 LA CA, Silverlake Lounge
5.20.09 San Diego, Beauty Bar
5.21.09 Tuscon AZ, The Hangart
5.22.09 Tempe AZ, Yucca Tap Room
5.23.09 Sante Fe NM, Meow Wolf
5.24.09 Denver CO, Larimer Lounge

Interweb Stuff.

Ya, April has been a busy one for the both of us. Between school, work, planning tours and watching Utah Jazz games (RIP 2008-09 Jazz Season) we haven't really been to active in updating this thing. We have written three new songs which we will be playing on May 8th if all goes as planned.

The new disc has burrowed itself a new home on the following interweb sites. Check these links:

Last FM

Here is a photo for the ladies. Nick (age 6). Who knew that he was a blonde as a boy.