Wednesday, February 4, 2009

And we are offffffffffffffffffff

So, first blog entry. Almost as exciting as the time I discovered $5 in a pair of pants that had been sent through the washer and kept in my closet for months and months. Hot Dog!

So, Nick and I are completing the final touches on the mix for our new album which will be released March 21st on Kilby Records. We are both really excited for this release. It consists of 10 tracks of which we have written over the past couple years. It has taken wayyyyy too long to record, but I am glad that we spent the time. Nick has done the editing and has really outdone himself. If you have a chance to listen to Nick's music you should. It is amazing, he has lots of talent. click this here. He has plenty of copies of his last album available if you are interested in getting a copy for yourself.

So back to the release and other Palace of Buddies news. We have a few upcoming shows then will hit the road to tour on May 9th. We will post the dates as soon as we get them confirmed, but most likely it will start in Pocatello, ID then Seattle and down the coast.

Anywho, more posts soon.

Here is a photo that we were going to use for the layout. It is by Henry Darger. Unfortunately his estate wouldn't let us use it. It is from his 15,000 page book, "The Realms of the Unreal."


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